SunStream 1/8 inch Adjustable Heavy Duty Rope Hanger 150 lbs Weight Capacity

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  • 8′ braided polypropylene rope;Metal hardware and caribiner
  • Composite ratchet mechanism 
  • Heat resistant composite housing
  • Use to securely hoist your lighting fixtures, reflectors, carbon filters and HVAC equipement
  • Weight Capacity: 150Lbs/pair; 24/7 customer support;

Product description

Item Parcel Quantity:6


Sunstream 1/8 inch Heavy Duty Rope

Quantity:6 pair


Sunstream 1/8 inch Heavy Duty Rope Hangers for Grow Light Reflector, Carbon Filter, Herb Grow Bag, Flower Pots, etc

This reflector suspension system enables you to raise and lower the light with just pressing one button.

With the tension mechanism, the hood will stay in place once set at the desired height.

Easily raise your lights when you are doing your routine work in the room, and just pull them down when you leave.

It also perfectly meets the requirement of adjusting the hood to provide different light supply as different plants grow stage.



Sunstream 1/8 inch Heavy Duty Rope Hanger Key Features:

Sufficient Rope Length - 8 feet braided polypropylene rope ensures most flexible use

Excellent Weight Capacity 150lbs/pair - capable of most conditions

Extreme High-strength Zinc Plated Steel Hooks - unbreakable and provides stable & smooth adjustment


Sunstream NEW VERSION Rope Hanger - For All Your Tie-Down Needs

The easy-to-use Sunstream is the answer to all your tie-down needs for work or play.

The exclusive patented design and rugged construction let you secure a wide variety of loads quickly and easily.

Everyone is made super tough so you can depend on it to take all the hard work you do 

The rope is Solid Braided Polypropylene and the hooks are Zinc Plated Steel.



With Sunstream - you simply attach the 2 hooks and pull the loose end of the rope to get the secure tightness you need.

With Sunstream Hanger you never have to worry about stretching, snapping back or loosening.

Your load stays secure because the rope automatically locks in place with every pull and stays locked until you release it by pushing the convenient Thumb Press Button