300W LED Grow Light with MeanWell Driver 3x3ft Coverage for Indoor Plants & Hydroponic Plants

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About this item

  • EVEN PPFD COVERAGE: It's Hard to Make a Led Grow Lamp Cover Every Corner of Your Growing Area with A Traditional Design. So We Made this 300W Led Grow Light with an Extendable Arm. It can Extend or Close As You Like with The Aim to Put More Ppfd Around the Plant and to Better Cover Different Tent Sizes. Also, We Extend The Power Cord to 14.7Ft to Increase the Distance From Your Led Grow Light to the Plug.
  • LOW COST & HIGH EFFICIENCY: The Fixture is Drawing Only 300W from the Wall which Consists of 1056 Pcs of 1 Wattage of 3030 Ledestar Diodes, Offering a High Efficacy (2.66 Μmol/J @ 110V Ac, 12'' Height) and Ppf 798 Μmol/S with A 300W Meanwell Driver. Every Led Grow Light Consists Of 3000K Warm White, 5000K White, 660Nm Deep Red which Allows it to Provide a Sunlike Full Spectrum of Led Grow Light Perfectly Tuned For Plants. They End up Producing Better Yields Comparing to Hid/Blurple/Hps Lamps.
  • LOW HEAT & LONG LIFESPAN: Thermal Conductivity of Our 4Mm Thickness Aluminum Panel is 2.0, to Prevent Overheating Problems, We Make a Metal Protective Cover For a Dimmable Daisy Chain. All the Screws We Use are with High Temperature Resistant Anti-Loosening Glue. This can Have a Longer Lifespan than the Normal One. And We Have a 4-Year-Warranty.
  • EASY MOUNTING HOOKS & PROTECTIVE FOOTPADS: Quite a Few People Complain About How Hard to Keep the Light in Position. We Provide Mogobe Patented Hooks to Fix It. You Can Mount the Light Easily and Keep it in Position with Mogobe Patented Hooks. We Embed 4 Protective Footpads on the Panel, Which Can Protect the Lamp from Scratching it When You Put it Down.
  • UPGRADED DIMMABLE DAISY CHAIN: We Made a Metal Protective Cover for it to Help Heat Dissipation. Adjustable Brightness from 0%~100% Makes it Adaptable to Different Growing Periods of Your Plants from Seedling, Veg, And Bloom. It can Support Up to 20 Grow Light Connected at the Same Time.