Raylux 1000 Watt DE HID Grow Light System Kit with Controller Port, 2100K DE HPS Bulb, Open Style Reflector with 120-240V Digital Dimmable Ballast

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  • Type: Open Style with controller port  

  • High Quality: 1000W HID grow light kit is made by using quality hardware components and high standard QA process; The system operates both HPS and MH light bulb with controller port ready for multiple deployment, making growing easier and harvesting better.
  • High-Tech Ballast: adjustable output power at 600W, 750W, 1000W, 1150W; Support dual voltage Input 120V-240V; Unique graduating fin design for more efficient cooling; Advanced safety protection against short circuit, power surge, ignition failure, overheat. 
  • High Reflectivity Rating: Sturdy reflective hood is made of Italian VEGA aluminum at 98% reflectivity, Open style reflector offers better heat management, reduces the heat stress of plants.
  • Quality Assurance: Both UL and ETL listed; Ballast and Reflector-3 years warranty against manufacturing defects; DE HPS 1000W Bulb-1 year warranty.
  • The system will produce heat when it is used in an enclosed area without ventilation; adequate ventilation is advised to prevent over temperature. We would recommend the use of our SunStream inline fans.