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SunStream 1000 Watt DE Double Ended Grow HPS System with Bulb (Closed Style)
SunStream 1000 Watt DE Double Ended Grow HPS System with Bulb (Closed Style)
SunStream 1000 Watt DE Double Ended Grow HPS System with Bulb (Closed Style)
close no controller port
close no controller port

SunStream 1000W Double Ended Grow HPS System with Bulb Plant Growing Light Fixtures

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  • Close style without controller port
  • High Quality - this DE fixture is certified by ETL. The production of each machine is subject to strict inspection standards, high-quality German materials and superb manufacturing processes to ensure the durability and safety of the HPS system.
  • Adjustable Power - This complete fixture includes a built-in 120v/240v 1000w adjustable high-frequency ballast for running double-ended lamps. This ballast was designed with dimming features which could match different wattage lamps on the same ballast.
  • Self-Protection Mechanism - When the grow HPS system is at a dangerous input or output voltage, the protection mechanism is activated, and the machine is automatically stopped to avoid damage to the machine or pose a threat to the human body.
  • Automatic Cooling - Inner heats will dissipate through the case. When the case temperature rises up to 85℃, the ballast will gradually reduce power to 80%; When the case temperature reaches to 90℃, the ballast will stop working until cool down to 70℃, then returns to full power status. Protect the machine from damage due to excessive temperature.
  • Ballast and reflector comes a 3-year warranty and the bulb comes a 1-year warranty. Hassle-free customer support in Canada
  • Product Dimensions: 57 x 17 x 25 cm ; 7.8 Kg
  • Shipping Weight: 8.1 Kg
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close style without controller

close style without controller

close style without controller

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Can I use a Solis Tek 1000w DE MH 6K bulb Item# ST-MH1000-DE-6K with this ballast?
    A: I have looked at the bulb, although I cannot physically perform a test on it, it seems to be a very standard DE MH bulb which our unit is compatible with. Feel free to purchase and we are always here to support. 
    Q: Is the ballast removeable from the light fixture?
    A: Yes, the reflector and the ballast could be separated as two individual parts. It is easier for installation! 
    Q: Does this ballast have internal rf protection?
    A: Yes, there is RFI protection that passed FCC standard. 
    Q: What’s the coverage of this light, and at what height?
    A: It’s usually around 4’x 4’, but open style even provides wider range. It should be at least 3.5 feet from canopy but best 5-8 ft above. 
    Q: How far should this light be placed from the tops of my plants?
    A: It depends on what kind of plant you have, normally you should place it as close as possible without causing the light burn, so for 1000w setting the closest distance you should keep is 41cm, and furthest is 79cm. You can read the article here:
    Q: Can multiple units be networked with a gavita controller?
    A: The model is not compatible with a gavita controller.