SunStream Duct Booster Fan, Extreme Low Noise

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  • Help to boost airflow in HVAC units to remove exhausts and odors from bathrooms & workshops and ventilate basements & attics, etc
  • Superior balanced blades for long service life & quiet operation; Motor features a permanently lubricated bearing that operates quietly and requires no maintenance; Portable and lightweight
  • Diameter 4/6/8 inch, Speed 2930/2930/2970 RPM, Air Flow 100/240/420 CFM, Voltage 110/120V, Power 12/27/42W 
  • Used as intake fan to bring fresh air into grow rooms; Also used as an exhaust fan in smaller setups with LEDs or Lights under 400W
  • Max Operating Temp of Motor is 130℃ / 266℉; Max Ambient Temp is 60℃ / 140℉. If any other materials/particles get into the duct fan and get the blade stuck, users are to turn off the power immediately, clean it up, turn the power back on when handled properly.   
  • Welcome to order large quantities.
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